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    Submittal: Carefully read the Awards brochure, particularly Rules of Competition and Entry Guidelines, gather all required information before assembling the entry, and verify all materials have been provided before submitting the entry.

    Deadline: October 15, 2021

    Rules of Competition:

    1. 1. Entry to the competition is a benefit of NAAM membership. The competition is open to all member non-profit automotive transportation museums.
    2. 2. Museums may enter two submissions in each of eight categories.
    3. 3. Completed submission package, including entry forms and attachments, is required with each entry. Failure to submit a complete package for each entry will result in disqualification.
    4. 4. Professional firms or assistance must not be used in developing the entry submission package. The entry submission must be complete and orderly in presentation, but is not judged itself, as the intent is to judge the project entered.
    5. 5. Judges’ decisions are final.



    I have read and understand the rules.

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