NAAM Resources

1) NAAM Organizational & Institutional Items
    a) Budgets by year
    b) Conferences by year
       - Budget
       - Photos
       - Conference Booklet
       - NAAMY Results
    c) Board Members By Year
    d) Tax Returns By Year
    e) Board Member Contact Information
    f) Sponsorship Contracts
       - Conference Sponsors
       - General Sponsors
    g) Board Member Emails & Phone Numbers
    h) By-Laws
    i) Corporation Documents (Non-Profit, Incorporation, etc.)

2) Facilities Management
    a) Fire Suppression Resources
       - Wet Systems
       - Dry Systems
    b) Work Order Outlines
    c) Safety Data Sheets Resources

3) Human Resources & Career Management
    a) Job Descriptions
       - Executive Director
       - Curator
       - Administrative Assistant
       - Mechanic
       - Fabricator
       - Janitor
       - Board Member
       - Volunteer
    b) Annual Review Outlines
    c) EOE - Diversity Equity Accessibility & Inclusion Resources d) Labor Laws By State
    e) Employee Handbook Outline
    f) Museum Advocacy
    g) Accident Reports
       - On Campus Accidents
       - Off Campus Accidents

4) Mission and Institutional Planning
    a) Mission and Vision Statement Outline
    b) Strategic Planning Outline
       - 5 Year Plans
       - 10 Year Plans
       - 15 Year Plan
    c) Emergency Planning Outline
    d) Collection Management Resources Outline - Nomenclature 2.0
       - Nomenclature 3.0
       - Collections Care Outline
       - Collections Care Procedures Outline
    e) Non-Profit By Laws Outline

5) Education & Interpretive Resources (How-to’s) a) Zoom Calls
    a) Zoom Calls
    b) Social Media
    c) Programs
    d) Apps

6) Institutional Forms and Special Documents
    a) Loan Agreement Outline
       - Incoming
       - Outgoing
    b) Bill of Sale Outline
       - Vehicle/Automobile
       - Recreational Vehicles
       - Misc Objects
    c) Purchase Order Form Outline
    d) Deed of Gifts Outline
    e) Cash Out Nightly Receipt Outline

7) Accreditation Resources
    a) AAM Accreditation
       - Meeting the requirements
       - How Long Does It Take
       - Beginners Guide To Accreditation
    b) HVA Programming
       - How It Works
       - Selection Process

8) Marketng & Public Relations Resources
    a) Social Media Marketing Resources
    b) Understanding Newspaper Sizing and Column Widths c) Partnering Do’s and Don’ts
    d) Logos and Logo Usage Outlines

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